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Stop wolf killing in Washington state!


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has officially authorized the killing of two more endangered wolves. Tell the director of WDFW that wolf killing is not the right way to manage this endangered species.

The Attack on NEPA Needs Your Comments!

From Oregon Wild:

The Trump administration has announced its intention to eviscerate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to make it easier to open up public land for logging, grazing, mining, and oil & gas development. Their plans would also cut out the public’s voice - YOUR voice - and take away the tools that have been used to safeguard millions of acres of public lands and clean water. However, before they can move forward with their plans, they have to take public comment. That’s where your role in fighting to keep your voice and your role in the management of our public resources is so important.

Take Action to Protect the Endangered Species Act!

After 46 Years of Saving Endangered Species, the ESA Needs Your Voice!

Over the summer, the Trump administration unveiled its final changes to the rules that implement the Endangered Species Act (ESA) — a series of disastrous regulatory changes best characterized as an “Extinction Plan”. The rule rollbacks represent a fundamental attack on this cornerstone of conservation law, making it harder to protect wildlife from multiple threats, including habitat loss and those posed by climate change.

In an effort to fight this latest step to cripple the nation’s best tool for helping to prevent extinction, members of the House and Senate introduced “Protect America’s Wildlife and Fish in Need of Protection Act of 2019” or the “PAW and FIN Act of 2019” legislation aimed to repeal all three final rule changes to the ESA.

Given that science has concluded that we have entered an unprecedented period of human-caused Sixth Mass extinction, we need to make every effort to help imperiled species heal and flourish.

Ask your Congressional representatives to support the PAW and FIN Conservation Act of 2019 (H.B. 4348 and S. 2491) to protect the world's "gold standard" for conservation and protection of imperiled species.

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Protect gray wolves from the Trump administration's assault

From: Natural Resources Defense Council:

The gray wolf, an iconic apex predator species that once roamed most of the continental United States, is under attack.

When the gray wolf gained protections under the Endangered Species Act in 1974, the keystone predators had virtually vanished from all but one state. A century of hunting, trapping, and habitat loss had pushed them to near extinction in the Lower 48 states—an onslaught from which they are still recovering.

But lawmakers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) have been prematurely rolling back protections for wolves. In 2011, Congress delisted the gray wolf in Montana and Idaho; then in 2013, the FWS proposed removing endangered species protections for nearly all of the nation’s gray wolves, but NRDC fought back, working with our partners to help galvanize people to send in more than one million public comments to oppose the scientifically flawed proposal.

Complicating the wolf’s recovery are livestock-predator conflicts, which can result in the lethal removal of a wolf—or even an entire pack. NRDC has partnered with ranchers and state and federal agencies like Wildlife Services to implement proactive nonlethal measures, such as fladry (flags on electrified wire) and riders on horseback, to keep both livestock and wolves alive.

Under the Trump administration, the threat to wolves—and all endangered species—is greater than ever. In just one of many attacks against the Endangered Species Act, the House of Representatives advanced a bill in November 2018 that not only strips protections for the gray wolf but also significantly undermines the Act. The U.S. Departments of the Interior and Commerce also proposed rollbacks that would strip threatened species of protections and factor economic impacts into the listing process for the first time. And the FWS is poised to try to remove protections from wolves across the country once again—despite the great potential that remains for wolves’ continued recovery into significant portions of their former range in the West and Northeast.

Without healthy wolf populations, ecosystems are thrown out of balance. Predators act as checks on populations further down the food chain. Saving wolves means also saving fragile and complex ecosystems on which thousands of species rely—while also conserving an important piece of our national heritage.

Over 1,000,000 million species are at risk of extinction

Get involved in saving them!


According to the United Nation’s recent global assessment study, one in four species is at risk of extinction.  Every one of these species plays an important role in their ecosystems which are threatened by Climate Change.  As individuals, we need to take responsibility and try to mitigate the damage and save every species possible.

Forest Web’s recent involvement with a nation-wide campaign to prevent US Fish & Wildlife from de-listing the Grey wolf, helped to generate over 900,000 comments, extending the comment period.  We’ve also participated in public hearings in Oregon for wolf recovery, shared news articles and information on public hearings, not only for wolves, but also for Oregon’s other endangered species.

May 17th is National Endangered Species Day, and we’re asking all of you to find a way to get involved on a personal level to help the endangered species in your area.

What can you do to help?

·        Learn more about the Endangered Species Act and US Fish & Wildlife

·        Contact your State and Federal officials--tell them this is a high priority issue

·        Volunteer with your local environmental organizations

·        Get involved with a habitat restoration project

·        Participate in the public comment process at both the State and Federal levels

·        Start your own campaign to protect an endangered species in your area

·        Share information & get others involved

·        Sign & share petitions


Thank you!

Urgent Action Needed: Congress trying to kill protection for endangered gray wolves!

From Wilderness Watch…

On November 16, the U.S. House passed the so-called “Manage Our Wolves Act” (H.R 6784) on a vote of 196-180. This bill, which now heads to the U.S. Senate, would end protection for gray wolves in the lower 48 states by removing their Endangered Species Act (ESA) status.

Remember, wildlife knows no boundaries and wolves that use designated Wilderness for part–or all–of their range could be affected!

H.R. 6784 would grant the states full management control of gray wolves, despite their federal endangered species status in most of the lower 48 where they still only occupy a small portion of their original range. In states where gray wolves have already lost ESA protection, trophy hunters and trappers have already killed thousands – including deep within designated Wilderness areas.

H.R. 6784 undermines science by removing scientists from the ESA decision-making process and will jeopardize the continued recovery of gray wolves and the ecosystems that benefit from them.

As part of an alarming growing trend, H.R. 6784 also seeks to preclude judicial review and exclude the public from the process. It is undemocratic to block American citizens from holding their government accountable.

H.R. 6784 is a direct threat to the recovery of gray wolves, the integrity of the Endangered Species Act, the wildness of our Wilderness areas, and to our democracy.

Please ACT NOW to stop extinction and help keep our Wilderness wild! Write to your Senators today and tell them to oppose the so-called “Manage Our Wolves Act!”

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Tell House Democrats to reject leaders who take fossil fuel money!

From Friends of the Earth…

As devastating wildfires rage on in California, it’s clear that communities across the U.S. are already feeling the impacts of climate chaos. And Americans are paying attention -- progressives like you turned out in the midterm elections to flip the House. Now, Democratic leaders have the chance to show true climate leadership.

The problem is, far too many of our leaders are still taking campaign contributions from the fossil fuel executives, lobbyists, and PACs who pretend the climate crisis isn’t happening. There is no way these elected officials will do what’s needed to stop climate chaos while they’re in the pockets of Big Oil.

Right now, Democrats in the House are choosing which Representatives to put in leadership positions. These Representatives will set the party’s legislative agenda for the House of Representatives for the next two years. So we need your help to demand that every new leader in the House Democratic caucus has said NO to fossil fuel money!

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Sign the petition: Call on your state governor to protect our forests!

Sign the petition to your Governor: Commit to Stand4Forests and protect our climate and ecosystem from ruination.

Standing forests are crucial to life on our planet. They provide our communities with clean air, fresh water, carbon storage, are home to thousands of unique species of plants and animals. Additionally, they're essential to protect us from flooding and drought and supporting truly sustainable economic development.

Climate science shows that we cannot stop a climate catastrophe without scaling up the protection of forests around the world, including in the United States -- but our forests are being destroyed and degraded at an alarming rate.

The United States is the world’s largest producer and consumer of wood products, which continues to drive massive extraction and degradation of forests at one of the fastest rates in the world. When our forests are destroyed, degraded, converted to plantations, or harvested to burn for bioenergy, their climate and ecological benefits disappear.

The destruction and degradation of US forests is a climate emergency, and we are clearcutting away a critical solution to the climate crisis. The social, ecological, and economic benefits of keeping our forests standing are not valued by the current system that puts corporate profit above the well-being of people and life on Earth.

Sign the petition to your Governor: Commit to Stand4Forests and protect our climate and ecosystem from ruination.

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