Rally to Protect

Post-Fire Forests & Waters

When:  Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 4:00om 
Where: Oregon State Capitol—Wilson Park (westside gazebo), 900 Court St. Salem, OR 97301
As communities across Oregon continue to rebuild after the 2020 fire season, timber corporations and ill-equipped agencies are clear-cut logging large swaths of fire-burned public lands.  Places like the Santiam Canyon, McKenzie and North Umpqua rivers have recently been transformed by rampant post-fire logging.  In a changing climate, these activities will worsen drought, make wildfire hazard more severe, and fuel climate change.  And this is only the beginning of the logging planned.


  •      Listen to the stories of Oregonians impacted by the 2020 fire season
  •      Learn about the landscape of post-fire logging happening now
  •      Look at photography and artwork of our forests after the fires
  •      Live art-build with Roger Pete, Just Seeds Collective
  •      Professional photography of the fires by Michael Hudson and Michael Sherman


Our communities deserve intact landscapes and clean drinking water!
We CAN have vibrant local economies and healthy forests & watersheds.
Rally Covid Mutual Agreements
Please wear a mask and practice social distancing
We are asking that everyone joining this event agree to wear a mask to prevent the spread of covid variants, regardless of personal vaccination status.  We will have extra KN95s and sanitizer on hand to share.  There will also be a volunteer medic team present..


  •        Portland Rising Tide
  •        Cascadia Wildlands
  •        Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
  •        Bark
  •        Forest Web
  •        North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection
  •        Willamette Action Collective
  •        350 Eugene
  •        Coast Range Association
  •        White Rose of Salem
  •        Sunrise PDX
  •        FUSEE

Join Forest Web on May 23rd

for our next

Forest Immersion session

Forest Web wants to facilitate ways for people to relate to Nature on a personal level.  Based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku, forest immersion allows participants to experience a mindful reconnection to the natural world.
Small groups will be led through a series of invitations to gain an unhurried, conscious presence in the woods.  Your guide will facilitate opportunities to experience Nature in playful, inquisitive, and open-hearted exercises, connecting you and the forest in a profound yet simple way.
Forest Web will be holding a series of these 3-hour sessions for groups of between 5 to 7 individuals.  These sessions will be led by Mary Grace Brogdon, LCSW.  Due COVID-19, we will be practicing social distancing and masks are required. 
Our next Forest Immersion will be held on Sunday, May 23rd from 11:00am until 2:00pm near Cottage Grove.
To register, contact us at our email address: forestweb.cg@gmail.com
Directions and instructions for each session will be emailed to participants upon registration.  
Suggested donation: $25.00
Note:  Attending a Forest Immersion with Mary Grace does not establish a client-counselor relationship.