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Forest Web of Cottage Grove


Our primary mission is to safeguard old-growth and mature forest habitat here in Oregon.  We focus on a variety of matters facing Oregon's forests, and their impact on other environmental concerns such as endangered species, water quality, and climate change.   We consider the true value of our forests to be their critical role in the preservation of a healthy planet.


Forest Web of Cottage Grove


"Conservation in practice calls for some scientist's willingness to be outspoken, to consider innovative proposals that might initially seem outrageous, such as wolf reintroduction and rewilding, and to find ways to engage  people's hearts and minds.  Effective conservation means restoring all the pieces of a simplified ecosystem."
- Cristina Eisenberg, The Wolf's Tooth

Forest Web of Cottage Grove


The relationship between Oregon's coastal waters and the rivers that feed into them is critical to the health of our forests.  Even as biomaterial flows downstream to the ocean, endangered species such as the Marbled Murrelet and Coho salmon travel back to the forests and rivers, returning nutrients in a perfect cycle that benefits both ecosystems.

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