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Forest Web of Cottage Grove

4th Annual

Laughter for the Trees

Forest Web of Cottage Grove recently held its 4th annual comedy night fundraiser, Laughter for the Trees. A big thank you to The Axe & Fiddle for hosting the event, to the performers who put on a great show, and most importantly to the people who came and donated to Forest Web. Thank you so much!

Forest Web of Cottage Grove

The people behind the trees

Forest Web is an all-volunteer grassroots organization.  Some folk participate by responding to our action alerts, signing petitions and writing letters.  Others help at tabling events, participating in field trips and rallies, sharing our information and educating others, working on special projects such as attending stakeholders meetings, even by doing stand-up at our annual comedy night fundraiser, Laughter for the Trees.

Forest Web of Cottage Grove

Elliot State Forest

Forest Web has been active in the preservation of the Elliott, a 93,000 acre coastal rainforest whose future is currently being determined by the State Land Board.  The Oregon Department of Forestry admits that in just one year of clear-cutting in the Elliott State Forest, they release into the atmosphere over 78,000 metric tons of carbon. That is equivalent to you driving your car 10,000 miles a year, for 21,050 years.

Forest Web of Cottage Grove

Boehner Woods

The Boehner Woods is an 80-acre parcel of O&C lands managed by the BLM, located about a mile outside of Cottage Grove. An incredible example of old-growth habitat, along with 300 to 400 year old Grand and Douglas firs, it contains a variety of other tree species, including chinkapen, madrone, incense cedar, hemlock, and yew.  Following in the footsteps of retired high-school teacher Paul Boehner, Forest Web is continuing his efforts to keep this forest safe by nominating it for an ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern).

Forest Web of Cottage Grove

White Castle & Buck Rising

On June 7th, 2013, Oregon Wild and Cascadia Wildlands led a field trip to view two timber sale areas, White Castle and Buck Rising. The purpose of this event was to show the public the before-and-after effects of these BLM pilot projects based on the "eco-forestry" guidelines of Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin.  This method of logging would create islands of forests surrounded by clear-cuts.

Forest Web of Cottage Grove


Forest Web encourages speaking out on issue impacting our forests and participates in rallies to draw attention to issues such as Oregon Forest Practices in the Elliott State Forest areal spraying of herbicides on private forestlands.

Forest Web of Cottage Grove

Elliott Mushroom Hike

To grow awareness of the issues facing this 93,000 acres of coastal rainforest, Cascadia Forestdefenders and Forest Web of Cottage Grove organized a mushroom hike in the Elliott. We encourage everyone to join us on our next hike and see some of the beauty and bounty that exists on our public lands.

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