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The issues facing Oregon’s forests are varied and complex.  One of our goals is to provide information in a variety of ways.  To help achieve this goal, we set up a YouTube channel to share videos on panel discussions, rallies, tree-sits, press conferences, and other events. For more videos go to our Youtube channel.

Forest Web of Cottage Grove

When Tree Planting Goes Wrong

Trees are a super-efficient way to sequester carbon, but since planting the wrong trees in the wrong place can do more harm than good, we need to go about tree planting more carefully.


Kate Yoshida | Script Writer, Narrator and Director

David Goldenberg | Director

Sarah Berman | Illustration, Video Editing and Animation

Nathaniel Schroeder | Music

Oldgrowth vs Second GrowthCoastal Temperate Rainforests

The coastal temperate rainforests of Cascadia are some of the most incredible ecosystems in the entire world, and they exist nowhere else, which makes them even more neat. Yet varying reports suggest that only between 1 - 5% remain today from their original extent, though no comprehensive study across the whole bioregion exists, and most folks can’t tell the difference between these ancient forests and the second growth forests around them, so I thought I’d break it down here!

Let Giants Grow!

"Global Climate Strike – Cottage Grove"

On September 24, 2021, Climate Action Cottage Grove, Forest Web, Sustainable Cottage Grove, 350 Eugene, and community members stood in solidarity with Fridays for Future’s Global Climate Strike to speak out for climate action and climate justice. The event was a socially-distanced protest held on Main Street in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Production date: Sep 2021

Filmed by: Jim Lockhart

Edited by: Sam Stoufer

Forest Immersion with Forest Web

In the modern world, many of us lack a connection to Nature. Forest Web wants to rebuild that connection. Based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku, forest immersion allows participants to experience a mindful reconnection to the natural world. Forest Web will be offering monthly guided sessions. Small groups will be led through a series of exercises to gain an unhurried, conscious presence in the woods. To learn more, go to:

Sept 7, 2020

Filmed by: Jim Lockhart

Written by: Cristina Hubbard

Hike with Forest Web

A bird's eye view of a Forest Web educational hike.


Year of production: 2015

Filmed by: Sam Stoufer

Produced and Edited by: Sam Stoufer

"Global Climate Strike – Cottage Grove"

Cottage Grove, Oregon joined the Global Climate Strike on September 20, 2019. Students and other community members participated in a march on Main Street. Author and community organizer, Josh Fattal, read a petition urging the Cottage Grove City Council to declare a climate emergency and host a town hall meeting to work on solutions to make Cottage Grove carbon neutral by 2030.

Year of production: Sep 2019

Filmed by: Jim Lockhart

Edited by: Sam Stoufer & Cristina Hubbard

Cascadia Forest Defenders - White Castle Tree Sit

Cascadia Forest Defenders began a tree-sit in the White Castle in June of 2013 to protest the planned timber harvest of one of Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin pilot projects that are the framework for Senator Wyden's O&C Act of 2013. Members of CFD now face possible eviction and arrest, if a BLM closure notice goes into effect. Forest Web of Cottage Grove made this video to draw attention to the threat of increased logging in our public forests and to support CFD for taking a stand. To learn more or make a donation to CFD go to


Year of production: Dec 2013

Filmed by: Sam Stoufer

Produced and Edited by: Sam Stoufer

Moratorium Now! Cottage Grove Photo Shoot

Forest Web of Cottage Grove organized a community event in support of Stand Together to Outlaw Pesticide's campaign for a moratorium on aerial pesticide and herbicide spraying in Oregon.


Year of production: July 2012

Filmed by: Sam Stoufer

Produced and Edited by: Sam Stoufer

The O&C Forums - The People Speak

These audience comments were excerpted from The Fate of Western Oregon's O&C Forest Lands forums held in Eugene and Cottage Grove.


Published on Sep 23, 2013

Filmed by: Sam Stoufer

Produced and Edited by: Sam Stoufer

“A Colony Called Oregon”

Chuck Willer, Director of the Coast Range Association, discusses Wall Street forest ownership, tax avoidance, and corporate forestry’s ecological harm in the light of climate change and social alternatives.

Year of production: Mar 2018

Filmed by: Sam Stoufer

Produced & Edited by: Cristina Hubbard & Sam Stoufer

Jim & Jamie Dutcher: The Hidden Life of Wolves | Nat Geo Live

This husband-and-wife team spent six years living alongside a pack of wolves in order to reveal the majestic, social, and intelligent nature of these long-misunderstood animals.

National Geographic

Apr 15, 2013

Natural History of Red Tree Voles

Since it was first discovered in 1890, the red tree vole has remained a mysterious resident of the forests of western Oregon. Most people don't even know they exist, and even those who study them often have a difficult time finding them...


Mar 1, 2014

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